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About us

We are the Nordic.

Alava is a watch brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with strong roots from Helsinki, Finland.

There is a Finnish sentence “ Alavilla mailla hallan vaara”, which is said to be the most beautiful sentence in the Finnish language. Freely translated to “ Low lying grounds face the risk of freezing.” The word Alava itself is used to describe big, open and low lying areas in nature.

We wanted to bring the meaning of Alava into our watch. Our own unique case design with a low lying and open face demonstrating minimalistic grace. It reminds us of who we are and where we come from. We love the Nordic as our home, a place to live and a place to roam. From the Finnish Lapland to the volcanos of Iceland and everything in between. It is where our hearts lie.

We are deeply influenced by Scandinavian and Nordic design and the beauty of its clean lines and minimalistic yet stylish looks, but also by its nature and the very lifestyle and ways of the modern Nordic men and women.

Our influences come from real life. We are not interested in time for times sake. We are interested in life and what takes place during that time. How people go about their day and how they interact with others.

What you wear communicates who you are, your identity and how you want others to perceive you. We have created a timepiece which will complement your personality and style. A timepiece which brings you the lifestyle and definition of a modern and stylish person, but above all, a timepiece, that will make you look and feel good, whether you're by yourself, or with others.

The minimalistic Nordic elegance and effortless versatility of Alava will complement your style from the meeting room to the tattoo parlor and race tracks and show you the way of a free spirit.

The Alava watch is dedicated to those who want to explore life and take what it has to offer. Do your thing, and be who you are. 

Wear it with pride.

Yours truly.

The Alava team, CPHEL. Copenhagen / Helsinki


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